Chippendale Thomas
   Bachelorette party, Bachelorette, Women's Day, birthday, Santa Claus party, house party, girly party... Corporate and other events, programs throughout the country, in any small town too. I undertake parties in Pubs, restaurants, discos, home or garden parties!

   The undressing is usual in the every day life, but what I do, is not usual!

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   The equality of women is running with a high speed toward us ... in better places without them there is no bachelorette party, or just Women’s Day :) The Bachelorette erotic climax is the male stripper!!! There are some who admits and there are some who denies, but the woman's heart leaps when they hear about disrobing Chippendale guys. What even if they can see them...

   I present you a fantastic Chippendale Show to you ... This is the best place where you are if you desire a Chippendale Show.

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Thomas chippandale

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Thomas Chippendale

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